about us

Come as you are by yourself or with a group and create your own memories in this unforgettable snapshot of time. "The O" is truly one of the last original legendary Burger and Beer pubs on the Peninsula. Don't miss it!

Entering the Oasis today takes you back 50 years -- way before anybody ever thought of a "Cheers" -- to the days when the folks who sat in the bar stools were like family and familiar faces stopped by for a beer, burger and a visit with other Oasis cronies.

Founded in 1958, the original furnishings included carved tables and booths, Stanford mementos, a shuffle board and a mishmash of barroom memorabilia you'd never see any place else. A big 27" black-and-white Sylvania TV lit up the end of the bar. (We don't claim to have invented the sports bar, but then again...maybe we did!)

When the "The O" opened, it came equipped with no heat or air conditioning. It's maintained this way today so as not to upset the legendary ambiance. At the time, the men's bathroom sported a lengendary acia tree that grew straight up through the roof. It's been said that the tree grew to be huge due to all the "extra nutrients" it got on busy Friday nights.

Sure "The O" has evolved through the years: no more acia tree, and the shuffleboard is gone, too.

But some things stayed the same or got better! The original menu of 8 items has expanded to well over 20. But just ask the locals, they'll tell you it's still the same old "O."

Stop by and experience this bay area legend for yourself. The burgers are still great, and beer and wine is available for your refreshment.