Advantages of using NORDVPN

Advantages of using NORDVPN

NordVPN is regarded as one of the strongest contenders when it comes privacy, security, and speed and yet you will get it at very affordable subscription prices when you get it at Technoxten. NordVPN is the VNP business, originated in 2012 in Panama with the company coming along way in the shortest time possible. As at now, it manages several servers in over 62 countries in the world.

There are several reasons why people tend to prefer to use it in securing their privacy which include the following:

  1. It offers top-notch security and privacy: The headquarter of NordVPN is in Panama, which is though not important when it comes to looking for a service provider, is important to note especially for the VPN services. There are no data retention laws in Panama and the government doesn’t carry out surveillance on the internet. This denotes that, the Nord VPN doesn’t need to retain activities of its user’s logs and in the process, great for your privacy.Apart from their location which is great as far as privacy is concerned, Nord VPN utilizes standards of encryption which are superior. Just like any other high-quality service providers of VPN, the Nord VPN that you will get at Technoxten utilizes PGP keys in a 256-bit advanced encryption standard.To protect your privacy, Nord VPN ensures that your account is protected, they use the PGP keys which are found in the contacts of the customer and make it possible to protect your account details. You can use the PGP keys to encrypt communication between the Nord VPN and yourself and they are unbreakable.
  1. The killswitch ensures that there is no compromise in terms of privacy: If you are not sure of what will happen if your Nord VPN connection goes down, then the Killswitch will sort you out. Whenever a Nord VPN server goes down and disconnect, it is this feature which ensures that all your communication on the internet is brought to a halt.You will encounter two types of kill switch depending on the platform which you are utilizing. The Mac or the Windows versions will allow you to choose what apps stop communication in case there is something which crops up, while the version of the mobile app will stop everything completely.When testing a VPN, aside from speed and installation tests, one of the other thing which is important is to ensure that you mask your real IP. That is the primary reason why you are using the VPN in the first place. You can do standard tests. All you will have to do is to compare your real IP with the ones which are shown on the two sites. If they don’t match, then you are fine.
  1. Double VPN is going to double the protection: If you are familiar with how VPNs work, then it is important you know why the Nord VPN works differently; it is because of the additional something which it comes with which is the double VPN. When two VPN servers are linked, it means that you are going to get an additional layer of protection.Your device/computer will first connect to the first VPN server, which in return, connects to a second VPN server before it finally gets to your preferred destination. This way, the IP which you are destined, goes through two different changes and your data is able to be encrypted twice as well. This means, double protection.
  1. Connect 6 devices to various types of platforms: Most of the VPNs on the market can connect to a few devices at the same time. At the least, they will be able to connect to a mobile phone and a computer. If you are device crazy like you use a laptop, a computer, a mobile phone, two tablets, and others, then the NordVPN might be the right one to go for.It will be able to cater for all and it is capable of supporting up to 6 connections simultaneously per account. This denotes that, you will be in a position to secure all your individual devices and place them on your router for precautions. There are various platforms which the Technoxten NordVPN will be able to support and thus, whatever you own, might just be compatible.
  1. Fast speeds except when in Malaysia: The overall speeds of Nord VPN is impressive. You can reach an average of 40Mbps which might be the best as far as VPNs are concerned. But for the Malaysia servers, studies contacted showed that the speeds slow down.
  2. It is available on more than 4000 servers in over 62 countries: With over 4000 servers of NordVPN distributed in over 62 countries, it follows that it is one of the VPN with a larger following in the modern world. Even if some of them might not be great, there are thousands of others which you can choose from. Most of the Nord VPN servers are based in the USA with the next amount found in Europe. They have a limited network in Africa and the Asia pacific.

This means that users who are in these countries might not enjoy the great benefits of Nord VPN as it is enjoyed with their counterparts in Europe and the USA. With the above advantages, it will be great if you tried out the Nord VPN and found out how it works.

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