Not to miss things when you are out to buy a new toilet

Not to miss things when you are out to buy a new toilet

Normally, toilets are not discussed much when new homes are constructed. However, with the emergence of different models and a variety of different commodes available these days it is very important to understand the different products available in the market while making the right purchase for best toilets. It is a very daunting task to select the right type of toilet for your washroom when you are not aware of the technical features of these products. Therefore, it is very important to first assess and understand everything about these toilet seats before you make the decision of purchase.

The best part of these day toilets is that these are available for the use of every person. Whether you are looking for toilets with one-piece integration or you are finding two-piece structure, you would find it easily in the market. Similarly, these toilets are available in different colors which you can install depending on the theme of your room and washroom. You can easily increase the space of your washroom by picking the smaller products to be installed in your washroom. Thus, modern market caters best toilets for every person. If you have, unfortunately, any disabled person in your home or elder people also reside with you, you have an option to install taller toilets which can easily be used by those people.

Importance of making a good decision:

When picking up the toilet, you cannot simply go and ask the vendor to give you the best product. You would be required to know the exact details of your washroom, its size and your personal preferences before you make a wise decision. This is important to analyses because otherwise you might end up buying a wrong product which would require a replace afterwards. Similarly, you should also check with the maintenance cost of the toilet, as if once installed it can cost you much more than your expectations. Following is a list of things that you need to consider before you make a good purchase. A brief explanation of the items mentioned in the below list is also provided for your reference.

Things to consider:

Following things are very important to consider when you are making the purchase of a new toilet seat:

  • Calculate the rough in measurement to make sure that you are buying the right sized product
  • Type of toilet must be selected carefully, keeping in mind the requirements of people residing in the house
  • Check for the different flush mechanisms and select the best toilets with best performance
  • Pick the right size of the bowl, round one or the elongated one
  • Do you want to conserve water? If yes, choose the toilet wisely
  • Consider future implications while buying the new toilet seat
  • Check all the possible options in the market before buying toilets for your new home

Rough in size is the distance from the wall behind your toilet seat to the bolt of the seat. This is important to measure because only then your plumber would be able to install the right product. Typically, there is a size of 12 inches but larger and smaller rough in size best toilets are also available.

After getting the right size, you need to make sure that you are selecting the right type of toilet which would benefit all people at your home. The main types of the toilet seats are one-piece toilet seats, two-piece toilet seats, wall mounted, tankless toilet seats and toilet seats without water. All these toilet seats are almost similar in functionality but are quite different in the structure. Modern bathrooms have wall mounted toilets which are best to reduce the space which is occupied by a toilet. If you have space limitations, you should go for this type of toilet as this would not only fit in small place but would also make sure that you are following the modern trends of washrooms.

In addition to the types of best toilets based on the structure, you should also put your focus on selecting the elongated or the round bowl toilets. These two types of toilets are commonly used in many houses and both have different size to offer. If you are tall and want to properly fit in the toilet seat, you should go for the elongated version. This would, however, take more of your washroom space. If you are not comfortable with this type of toilet, you should buy a round bowl toilet which would not only take lesser space but will also be pleasant to use by short heighted people.

Water efficiency is very important factor to be looked at when you are buying the toilet for your home. In some areas, water is really scarce and in other areas it is very important to save water for our next generation. As per the stats, around 30% of residual water is wasted in flushing off. This is a huge volume of water and in order to reduce this wastage, one must try to install commodes which are more water efficient and use the latest technologies to reduce the consumption of water. One of these options is to install dual flush technology which has a separate flushing mechanism for liquid wastage. If you are not familiar with this type of flushing, you should ask your plumber and house builder before anything is done to your washroom.

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