Pros and Cons of Using A car Cover

Pros and Cons of Using A car Cover

It is human nature to be very much attached to what belongs to us. You will try all the best to ensure that you protect what adds value to your life, including regular items such as having a big flat-screen television protected and other essential things including a home. One of the most expensive yet practical assets that you can own is a car. Keeping it in good condition avoids maintenance which is pricy and repairs along the way. That is why it is important that you learn the pros and cons of protecting your car using the car cover.

  • Car washes: With the car cover, you are assured that your car will remain clean. In case you stay in a place which has seasons which are changing especially the winter, it means that your vehicle will come in contact with a lot of debris and salt over the year. With the cover, your car will remain clean as it will prevent the particles from etching the paint thereby reducing rust over time.Though hand washing can save you money, it is time-consuming and hard to do it especially during winter. Car washes might be the better option though costly. With the cover, you will save money on the frequent car washes.

    Instead of doing the washes on a monthly basis, you will be in a position to keep it clean, washing it after a couple of months. Within a decade, you might save a reasonable amount of money which you can use for other car expenses.

  • Minor damages: When you have the car cover on hand, you will not worry a lot when it comes to where you will park your car. The covers are useful especially when you are going out for weekend trips out of town, going through polluted town and stopping over, and neighborhoods that are busy with many kids playing in the streets.When you use it, you are sure of your car is safe from scratches, dings, insects, pollen, and droppings from birds. In the process, it will save you money and time, and make the number of washes to be less, reduce on paint polishes and touch ups which are normally required to ensure that your car is preserved.

  • UV and moisture protection: The car covers do shield the vehicle from UV sunlight and moisture. Whenever your car is exposed to moisture, there is a likelihood of it rusting due to the fact that water and iron undergo a reaction of oxidation. In case you live near a sea, you have to consider utilizing the use of a car cover every now and then because of its moisture wicking, which will in the process, keep your car dry and looking nice always.The UV sunlight will not affect your car if you use the covers for cars. In case you happen to park your car in the sun, the UV rays will cause molecular bonds that are in the car paint to break loose. With the presence of a car cover, fading over time will be reduced in your car. Waxes for cars have the capacity to protect against the UV damages but with the use of the cover, you will not need much of it.
  • Value of Resale: After using your vehicle for a period of time, you will want to ditch it for a newer model in the market. This can be much easier if you maintain your vehicle well. With a cover on your car, it is the most cost-effective way of preserving your vehicle for that resale value when the need arises. This is because it is going to protect your vehicle for several hours when the vehicle is not in use.
  • Long term storage: If you own a classic car, it is automatic that you require a cover. Classic cars are constructed from older materials which are normally vulnerable to all types of elements including oxygen and water, which in the process cause rusting. They are also likely to be stored away most of the time, exposing them to debris, which can in the process settle on the car and harm its exterior. The cover will come in handy to protect the car.

Cons of car covers

There are several pros which make the car cover very attractive to own. But the truth is that, there are some car covers which might cause more harm than good to your precious vehicle. The following are some of the things which you will need to look out for when picking your next car cover.

  • Check out for covers that advertise that they are 100 percent waterproof plastic layering. Though plastic has the capacity to keep moisture from going through, remember that, it doesn’t allow any to come out either. You will need to get a cover that is constructed from fabrics that have the characteristics of moisture-wicking which are permeable enough to allow any moisture which is trapped in to get out.
  • There are some covers for cars which can easily cause scratches. You have to purchase a cover that has buckle straps fitted on it to secure it in place. If not, there are chances that your cover will rub against you when you are in areas that are windy causing damages to your car paint. When the cover is well fitted, it will accommodate your car details including the antenna.

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