Come to The Oasis to enjoy a tradition of good food and great value.
Quality ingredients

The ingredients we use are of the best quality. this helps enrich the taste of our beers.

Natural sunshine

We let them brew in the natural sunshine as well to give it that earthy flavour.

Unrivalled taste

We have the best tasting beers which can help understand the right taste of beer.

About Us

Burger and Beer Pubs

Spend your time with us enjoy our delicious food and in house beer for the right taste.

What We Offer

Signature Pizzas

Gilroy Special

This pizza is our chef’s speciality which goes the best with our range if light beers.

Golden Greek

A blast of creamy flavour gives the whole pizza a very delicate touch with greek flavouring.

Chicken Fajita

The flavour of chicken fajita in a pizza is just genius.

Szechuan Chilli Prawn

This pizza is must have if you love prawn and Chinese for its versatility.

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  • Beer is one of those iconic drinks that never goes out of style. It has been known to be a drink which you can have and relax with your friends and family. But there are no hard choices that you need to have it, only at a bar or pub. Instead, you can create a place where you can have some fun along with some beer. So, to help you out, here are some tips that you need to follow, to build your backyard beer garden. Beer Garden

    The Right Tables

    Tables are a major requirement to launch a beer party, as you need to place them at an ideal place. These tables can be crafted or designed to suit your needs and requirements so that the place remains close to your heart. Since the activity of drinking might also involve games at times, you really require a table. As we all know the amount of fun that you can receive through beer pong, do get a big table of your choice.

    Useful Beer Jugs

    There are high chances that you might dispose of a beer jug soon after you use them, but we are here to prevent you from making such moves. The beer garden requires a sense of design, and you can use beer jugs to achieve that particular design. Beer jugs or beer bottles give you the best shape and size, as they can be coloured or even stuffed with plants. This is also a way to bring out creativity, so decorate those bottles. Beer Jugs

    The Main Ingredient

    In a beer garden, the main ingredient has to be the one that everyone is drinking. So you need to stock up your place with all the necessary kinds of beer, ranging from different brands to different varieties. As you might not be aware when the party might start and finish, you need to stock more quantity of beer and transform them into a collection. A suitable shelf is an ideal place where you can show-off your beer collection.

    The Refrigeration

    There is another adjustment that you have to add on to your beer collection, and that is cooling. People love their beer to be chilled as it tastes the best during such situations. So you need to educate yourself to find methods of cooling. The most common way to achieve this is by storing some ice and water in a container along with your beer. In this manner, you can keep your beer chilled, by changing the ice once in a while to avoid them from heating up. Hence, by following these methods, you will be able to make matters meet at the beer garden, as it will face an endless flow of guests. ...

  • As a new parent, you would want to know all that is there to know when it comes to your precious newborn. From how to burp the baby to dressing them, to cut their tiny nails, which can seem challenging at times. Infant care, with a little practice, can make you become a pro in no time and you can then move to other stuff such as treating diaper rush and the likes. The basics Maternal instincts is not a myth but real. You are already natural at taking care of your baby once they are born. You will get baby care tips from your pediatricians, websites such as this one and books but the truth is that, as a mother, you know what is best for your baby. You know how to endure diaper duties, ensure that the bath is done well and at times, blunder

    • Cotton ball cure: When a baby is diarrhea, it can lead to a horrible diaper rash that might leave them completely raw. Each day, you might be forced to use several diaper wipes, but that should not be the case. Instead of that, use cotton balls together with warm water to clean the baby.
    • Baby oil magic: When a baby has a cradle cap, then it is advisable that before their bath, slather their head in baby oil and ensure to rub it into his scalp. Before you place them into the tub, massage the head using a baby brush, turning it in little circles. This will be able to bring off the flakes.
    • Ace of an aspirator: The bulb style aspirators are normally not what babies like. You can get yourself a battery-powered one which has some music to distract the baby while in use. This might just work perfectly well.
    • Fixing the stinky feet: If your child has stinky feet, then you will need to fix them. This you can do by ensuring that, every time you change them, you take a Q-tip and a washcloth combined with a baby wash to clean in between their toes.
    • Moisturizing: To prevent diaper rash, you can use baby lotion. After the baby’s bath, slather the lotion within the first few minutes to ensure that it will be able to lock in the moisture. You will be able to keep spots under control.
    • Clothes are the key to diaper rash: If you have a baby who has terrible diaper rash, you can switch from the disposable diapers to the clothes one and it might just solve the problem.
    • Nail it: When your baby is asleep in your arms, that is the right time to do their nails.
    [caption id="attachment_263" align="aligncenter" width="926"] Baby boy wearing diaper and blue towel in white sunny bedroom. Newborn child relaxing in bed after bath or shower. Nursery for children. Textile and bedding for kids. New born kid with toy bear.[/caption] Potty training your baby If you want to try to potty train your baby, then give your infant and yourself the best chance in order to succeed. It is like a sign language for babies; a trainable skill that which works well for some families. The training itself is normally different from toddler teaching on the way to use a toilet. If you are a starter, a 2 month will not have the same skills as a 2-year-old and will never be able to tell you that they want to go to the toilet. When baby potty training, you will require to be patient and with a certain level of vigilance. During the first few days, anticipate potty episodes throughout the day. But all the effort is not a must that it will create free time. You might find it easier and very convenient to allow the baby to continue using the diapers until they are able to learn to use the toilet when they are toddlers. Which is the right age to start potty training? How young it is convenient to start to ensure that your baby is potty training will entirely depend on how well you are able to read the non-verbal communication of your baby and your commitment to be able to follow his natural schedule. If you are sure that the baby is able to pees first thing in the morning or immediately after they feed, then you should begin with that as a pattern which you can use to introduce the potty idea instead of diaper. Find out if they turn red, scrunch face or make some grunting noises before they pee. These are clues which they make and which you can utilize to introduce another option which is the toilet. In case your baby was born with a poker face and keeps a schedule which is topsy, then it will be a challenge to train them for potty. Do you have to potty train your baby or must you wait until they are toddlers? If you are the type who wants your baby to be trained early when it comes to potty training, then you might claim that it is less frustrating as compared to training a toddler. But the truth is that, to succeed in early potty training, it will all depend on how committed you are in keeping up the schedule and the innate temperament of your baby. In case the baby is not interested in potty training, it will be hard for you to do that and thus, there will be a need for you to just wait. They will not be in a position to tell you when they want to go and you will not be able to tell them what you want them to do....